Bishop Elizabeth Eaton’s “Big Class”

Five centuries ago monk and academic Martin Luther stood up to say the Church can do better.

Today that’s still the case.

Have you ever wondered what Martin Luther would do if he were here today? Join Presiding Bishop Elizabeth Eaton and learners from around the world in a free course where you will learn how to apply Luther’s thoughts and writings to contemporary issues.

Offered by ChurchNext in partnership with Augsburg Fortress and United Lutheran Seminary, this course or “Big Class” provides a rich learning environment for those seeking to gain a better understanding of how Lutheranism might address current affairs. 

The course opens January 16 and is free through January 30. After January 30 the course will require payment for individuals and group access (Group resources are available here.)

More than 2200 people from dozens of countries have already signed up to learn with Presiding Bishop Eaton how Martin Luther might deal with current issues facing our world. Register today!

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