Better With Age…

If you remember…. Typewriters…mimeographs…pay phones…VCR’s…instamatic cameras…45 records…then WE WANT YOU!   Several of us at St. Luke’s do remember these things (and first run episodes of “The Mary Tyler Moore” show or the original first “Star Wars” movie!). If you are one who has experienced the above, then please come and join us… When:  a

Las Posadas 2016: Action for Public & Affordable Housing in Logan Square

Finally, in the 35th ward, we may find the promise of “room at the inn” – housing justice and development that prioritizes people over profit. With this action, LSEA celebrates the hope of “room at the inn,” even while we continue to demand full public/affordable housing justice.

Worship in Christmas

December 24 4PM People of all ages are welcome to this joint Christmas Eve service with our ecumenical neighbors. The children of our congregations have special focus and participation, as together we retell the Christmas story and celebrate Christ’s coming among us. 9PM  On a long winter evening we gather to proclaim the coming of