Serving Our Neighbors, Transforming Society

We are sent out to do God’s work in the world. We are transformed by radical welcome, by the stories of our faith, and by the real presence of God - and that transformation means that not only our lives, but also our communities and our world must look different. When we work for justice, we enact God’s love in public. When we work for justice, we conspire with God in the work of ever re-creating, sustaining, and redeeming all of creation.

Justice work at St. Luke’s takes many forms. We engage directly with our neighbors in need as volunteers with service providers. We attend city council meetings and partner with grassroots community organizations. And we march through the streets in public witness to God’s love in the face of injustice.

Justice Posts

  • Paving the Way for Mental Health

    Paving the Way for Mental Health

    Pave the Way
  • Occupy Palm Sunday 2018

    Occupy Palm Sunday 2018

    On Palm Sunday, the church celebrates Jesus's triumphal entry into Jerusalem, and Jesus's journey toward the cross. We commit ourselves to pave the way for well-being in our neighborhood. We wave our palm branches and usher in mental health justice, paving the way with our faith and our commitment to act...
  • Eco-Justice: God’s Work. Our Hands. 2017

    Eco-Justice: God’s Work. Our Hands. 2017

      In Jamaica there’s a saying that goes “We likkle but we Tallewah!” meaning we might be small, but we are mighty. That’s how I felt about the day of service on this past Sunday. Though a small group, we were strong in our presence in the community and did something big! We picked upREAD MORE
  • called by name by Reed Fowler

    called by name by Reed Fowler

    "As someone who lives on the intersections of a trans/queer identity and mental illness, the experience of Jacob – wrestling and holding on and being changed in the process – this narrative feels viscerally familiar to me...."
  • Pride Parade 2017

    Pride Parade 2017

    The Chicago Coalition for Welcoming Churches is number 50...