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Community Dinners Partners with Lula Cafe and Dill Pickle

Community Dinners_logo_blackCommunity Dinners is an organization for the community, by the community.  Feeding people in a healthy, sustainable and community driven way is what makes us jump out of bed each morning.  We will be feeding the underfed and and well fed in our neighborhood starting on July 17, 2013.   As our work of hospitality, not charity, continues to grow, we are excited to share about the various ways neighboring institutions are partnering together in Logan Square.

Lula Café, along with Honey Butter Chicken recently hosted a decadent benefit dinner for Community Dinners.  The dinner included delights such as chevre with green strawberry jam, fried chicken served with a side of honey butter and rhubarb pie fit for a king or queen.  There was so much food, we had to take it home and got to relive the experience for lunch the next day.  We appreciate Lula’s kindness and effort and look forward to partnering with them on a dinner for the community soon.

In a few weeks, Community Dinners will be partnering with Dill Pickle to further serve the needs of our neighborhood’s underfed and well fed.  We are starting a canvas tote program in July, which will enable Dill Pickle’s customers to purchase food for Community Dinners directly.  We are looking forward to interacting directly with the people in our community by working together to serve the people in our neighborhood.

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