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Share a Gift of Food to Help Feed our Community

by Dale Hoiberg

St. Luke’s has a history of feeding people. Elijah’s Pantry continues its decades-long ministry of providing food to individuals from the Logan Square community who desperately need something to eat. Each Wednesday night, as well, anyone who is hungry, whether for food or interaction with other people, is welcome at the tables of St. Luke’s community dinners.

img-food-basketBeginning October 20 all of us can participate in our food ministries right during our worship services. As the monetary gifts of the community are gathered in the Offering, a basket for food items will also be brought down the aisle. By placing our gifts of food in this basket each of us will be able to share the bounty we’ve been given directly with the many people who come to the pantry or attend the community dinners. After both the monetary and food offerings have been collected, they will be brought forward to the altar and then, after worship, distributed where needed.

The act of physically bringing food items to worship to share with the community has long roots in Christianity. In Africa the sharing of these gifts is a joyful celebration complete with dancing, singing and rejoicing.

As St. Luke’s continues to encourage and expand the use of online giving of our monetary gifts, giving gifts of food joyfully during worship will provide us a new opportunity to give thanks for what we have and to build our community by sharing directly with those who are hungry.

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