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Twelfth Night Dinners

St. Luke’s celebrates the close of the Christmas season with sharing meals together in members homes. On Wednesday, January 6, we’ll pair up hosts and members to share a meal. It’s a great opportunity to get to know one another a little deeper, offer/receive hospitality (both ministries), and grow as a community. There’s no agenda other than to have a meal with people from St. Luke’s. Come eat!

But really, how does it work?

People share with Claire ( / 773-235-5420) if they are able to host others for a meal on Wednesday, January 6.

People share with Claire if they would like to dine (to be a diner)

From that list, and with a little help from Pastor Erik and the hosts, Claire helps to put together people who may not know each other very well.  We want to help build community and help people make new or deeper connections with one another here!

Is there a timeline when I have to let the office know?

Yep! Even though it may seem like January 6th is a long way away, it is really right around the corner.

Please let Claire know if you would like to be a diner by or on December 28th. The earlier the better, because as soon as we get to Christmas, we’ll all be quite distracted.


Do I bring a dish to pass if I’m a diner? How will I know my host’s contact info? When do the meals begin and end? What if I have allergies?

There will be more information forthcoming. Stay tuned for an e-blast after Claire and the hosts have connected.  For now, mark your calendar, let Claire know if you’d like to be a diner, and and enjoy the final pieces of Advent housewarming for the birth of Jesus.

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