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Testimonies in Lent

As has recently been stated in worship at St. Luke’s, the personal stories shared by our congregants during their testimonies in worship have become a cherished part of our Sunday routine.   Testimonies have been a part of our worship in past years, but most recently, we’ve enjoyed hearing stories from people within the themes of stewardship and immigration and refugees.   It has been wonderful to grow closer to one another as we hear these intimate, and real stories from our neighbors and friends.

This Lent, we are continuing with a new theme, and we would like to extend and invitation to you (yes, you!) to share!  Our Lenten theme for the testimonies will be informed by the Scriptures we will be hearing during our journey toward Easter.  The theme is:

Kingdom Values vs. World Values:  When have you had to make a decision between what you felt was valued in God’s eyes, and what you felt was valued in the world’s eyes? What did you decide, and how did it play out?

We would love to hear your story, as this is something everyone has wrestled with in some way.  If you are interested in sharing, please bear in mind that these needn’t  be stories of when you have succeeded in doing the right thing, or making the right decision; stories of hindsight and lessons learned are just as (if not more) applicable for a testimony.  We welcome your story, and encourage you to share.

Please contact Dan Beirne, at if you are interested, or have questions, and he will meet with you to chat about it in person.  These testimonies will take place starting Sunday February 14th, and they will continue on through Lent.

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