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Community Dinners

Community Dinner is a ministry of St. Luke’s that operates out of 2649 N. Francisco Ave. Every week at 5pm, we serve a meal and eat with our neighbors, the well-fed and the underfed.


In the most recent e-Newsletter from Community Dinners, Christa Creps, Director of Community Dinners writes:
Community Dinners is honored to announce that we have received the domestic hunger grant from the ELCA. This grant will enable us to feed our neighbors in the Logan Square area fresh, wholesome meals each Wednesday evening as we’ve done for almost three years. Although carefully preparing meals for the well fed and underfed in our neighborhood is important to us, it’s not nearly as important as the social, emotional and spiritual nourishment that our program provides. The act of simply sitting at the table, sharing food and conversation with a person that has been marginalized can do so much. Not only can you make another person’s day, you can change your own perception, face your own fears, face your own issues with race and immigration and it can and change your life. Sitting and talking about the issues of the day with people who look like and have the same background as you does little to change things on a tangible level. Spread the love, everyone! Love is a messy, dirty, warm, inclusive mess and we invite you to join this mess called Community Dinners each Wednesday from 4:30 to 6:30PM at 2649 North Francisco. This isn’t charity, it’s our community.
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