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Second Sunday of Easter

On the Second Sunday of Easter this year, Sharayah Robinson preached on John 20:19-31.

She began her sermon:

So, I’ll just start by saying that this sermon is for doubters. Blessed are those who can believe without seeing. But for many of us, that’s not the case a lot of the time. I struggle with all kinds of doubts in all kinds of life situations. So much so that doubt was the topic of my senior thesis in my undergrad.

And this wasn’t an ordinary “Doubting Thomas” sermon. Nor was it a “Believing Thomas” sermon. This sermon was about the body of Christ…and was moving.

If you’re not yet intrigued to read the whole thing, we hope you find this moving and that you read the rest of the sermon to see how this is in with and under the John 20 text and our lives:

Blessed are those who can believe without seeing. But for those of us who struggle a bit more with that, let us be open and honest about all of our wounds and doubts, sharing with God and each other our fears and questions.

To read the full text of Sharayah’s sermon, click below:

Sharayah Robinson Easter 2C – John 20

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