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Attend a BBQ or Picnic

bbqimageThe summer offers an opportunity for us to come together socialize in a variety of fun settings.

Hosts will provide a main dish and ask others to bring additional food.

If you would like to be a guest, please sign up for the days you are available. (You can sign up for multiple days you’re available and the office will organize the details.) The office will then let you know which of the events you’ll be attending and you can get started choosing a side dish to bring! You can sign up online here.

These events will be primarily social, but we’ll ask each group to have a semi-structured discussion (prompts will be provided) on their hopes and vision for future space. Now that we have entered more formal conversation about future space sharing with other Logan Square congregations, these gatherings will provide an opportunity for members to offer their perspective on potential outcomes.

Side note: these events are akin to our 12th Night Dinners. Unlike the 12th Night Dinners, they will be offered on different dates to accommodate summer travel and vacation plans.

Questions? check with council members

Peter Wilhelm, president ( or

Katie Baxter (

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