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Rev. Dr. Maxine Washington: Sermon from 6/19/16

MaxineBioPicture2013On Sunday, June 19th, the Rev. Dr. Maxine Washington joined us at St. Luke’s for worship. She sang and in her song invited us more deeply into her story and the Gospel lesson for the day. She talked about her book. She spoke truth & she delighted in the presence of all of our little ones. She asked some tough questions:

“Could it be that some of our minds are caught up in negativity – similar to the fits and seizures of the man in the story.

Could it be that we are so hungry for power, greed, recognition and fame that we forget about our main mission and that is to go and make disciples of all nations baptizing them in the name of the father and the son and the Holy Spirit?

Could it be that sometimes we are so self-centered that it is impossible to see other people in our communities, our cities and our world?

Could it be that we feel that Martin Luther’s revelation of “the free gift of grace”…..Martin Luther’s revelation of “a free gift of faith” is only for our church, my family, my little world?

Could it be that we no longer believe in miracles? . . . I believe in miracles”

She told us stories. She testified to God’s work in her life. She helped us look at our own lives and look for miracles…

She reminded us that we are set free with a purpose.

To read the full text of her sermon: Washington 5th Sun PentC-St.Luke’s2016


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