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homecomingTell a story of a moment when you realized a new place was home. A story of making or recognizing home in an unfamiliar place — when that first apartment felt like yours. Or maybe it’s more literal: coming home after a trip, or a long time away. (Or maybe you were even the Homecoming queen or scored the winning touchdown in the big game.) Maybe yours is a story of wanting to go home again, yearning for a home you’ve known.
Tell a story of seeking, making, or finding home – or recalling the place, long-gone, that still comes to mind when you hear the word.

St. Luke’s is hosting the first storytelling event of the year at part of a grant received by the Logan Square Ecumenical Alliance.  Our night of storytelling will include storytelling from friends and members of LSEA congregations as well as professional storytellers from the Chicagoland area. It should be a wonderful night.

8As part of the evening, we would like to provide refreshments and snacks. We also love to have someone provide entertainment from 7:00 – 7:30. If you are able to help out with any of these things, please sign up here and reach out to Rachel if you have other questions (; 262-498-9133).

Click HERE to sign up.

This program is made possible through a Vital Worship Grant from the Calvin Institute of Christian Worship, Grand Rapids, Michigan, with funds provided by Lilly Endowment Inc.”

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