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Just Financials

center for changing livesThe Center for Changing Lives (CCL) seeks to bring financial coaching to its entire community, regardless of their circumstances or position, to challenge all people to live their financial lives more consistently with their values: To bridge the gap between financial practices, individual and corporate, and values and aspirations.

While already creative, CCL feels talking about money in our community and institutions is a radical practice that yields both individual and communal benefits as a common language about money is developed. This Fall, CCL will be offering Just Financials workshops divided into 3 sessions.

Section I

Saturday, October 15, 9am-12noon,  Engaging Values, first half

Saturday, October 29, 9am-12noon, Engaging Values, first half

Section II

Saturday, November 5, 9am-12noon, Engaging Values, second half

Saturday, November 12, 9am-12noon, Engaging Values, second half

 Section III

Saturday, December 3, 9am-12noon, Financial Issue Education

Saturday, December 10, 9am-12noon, Financial Issue Education

Questions? Please contact Callie Mabry ( 970-689-8070. Please RSVP here: (


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