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Testimonies in the Time after Epiphany

In this season of Time after Epiphany, we wonder aloud, along with the disciples, where it is that God stays (John 1:38). We see Jesus traveling between Nazareth, Capernaum, and around Galilee. As he wanders, Jesus casts the light of God like the disciples casting their nets. This light of God, we are reminded, shines for all to see, unobstructed, to all the nations. Though God stays in many places, God chooses to make a home within our shared humanity: with Gentile and Jew; with Christians, Muslims, Buddhists, those who claim no religious identity at all.

We are called to see God’s light as it illuminates those around us. We are reminded not to block God’s light, but to help it shine brighter, for all to see, no matter out of which house or land it shines. God’s light is not selective; it illuminates us all.

As we move into a new time of giving testimony, we will be splitting the Time after Epiphany into two themes. In the first half, as we watch Jesus staying in various lands and with various peoples, we ask you: When have you seen God dwelling within the faith of others? When have you seen God’s light shining from the house of another faith? When have you felt united across boundaries of faith by the love of God?

In the second half of the Time after Epiphany, we begin leaning into a time of baptism, where we anticipate the coming season of Lent and the reception of new siblings in Christ. Baptism, then, is not the bestowing of God’s light. It is not an invitation to leave our particularity; rather, it becomes an invitation to have our particularity anointed with healing waters. As we slowly make our way back to the font, we ask you: What is the story of your baptism? Who or what brought you to these waters? How do you experience your baptism in your daily life?

Testimonies for these themes will be shared throughout the season of Time after Epiphany, which runs through February. If you have a story to tell, we invite you to contact Erin, Luke, or Pastor Erik.

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