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Table Talk: Masculinities

What does it mean to “be a man?” What do our families, our communities, and the church teach us about the roles of men and women? How do traditional understandings of masculinity and femininity affect relationships, culture, and society at large? What is the difference between “healthy” and “toxic” masculinity? In what ways do gender roles guide our daily decisions? How do ideas of masculinity and femininity prevent us from forming relationships with others and with ourselves? Was Jesus a “manly man?”

The next four-week series of Table Talks will examine these questions, in addition to other questions that surround masculinity and the various forms it takes in the church and society. There is a lot to unpack, and a lot of issues regarding masculinities that are relevant in our world today. Whether it guides the behavior of our government officials or informs the role we assume within our families and communities, masculinities affect all of us on some level or another.

This series of Table Talks will be focused on conversation around our individual experiences, and will be supplemented by the ideas of those who have been thinking about and witnessing the effect of masculinities in American society. Our discussions will revolve around documentaries, books, and articles that relate it to various levels of our lives — our workplace, our schools, our communities, our church. Join us at the church for these potluck-style gatherings as we meet around the table and share our stories.

The first Table Talk of this series will be on Monday, February 13th, at 7PM at the church, and continue every Monday until March 6th. At the first gathering we will be watching the documentary, The Mask You Live In. The trailer for this film is blow. Please note that it contains some strong language.

Join us!

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