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“Captain of the Bible Quiz Team”: Director’s Note.

“Captain of the Bible Quiz Team” is a solo show that follows a first-call pastor to his home congregation in the midst of the 2009 ELCA decision on LGBTQ+ clergy. Addressing familial tensions and what makes and breaks community, the script provokes us to question what structures we value.

I wish this play were no longer relevant. I wish that we were beyond debating if LGBTQ+ folks can, and should, be called to ministry. Unfortunately, as the recent United Methodist ruling regarding the consecration of an out lesbian bishop shows, church communities are not beyond this conversation.

We invite you to join us on June 1st to kick of Pride Month for a staged reading of “Captain of the Bible Quiz Team”, at 7PM, at St. Luke’s. The run time is 60 minutes.

“I could have kept on simply caretaking, but I…cared too much. And I’ve fallen in love.”

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