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Shaken by the Wind

421 people in diaconal ministries from 28 countries will be in town at the end of June and early July. They’re gathering for the 2017 Assembly of the Diakonia World Federation  will be held in Chicago at Loyola University, Lake Shore Campus, June 28 to July 5, 2017.

Diaconal Ministers, Deaconesses, Deacons, Home Missioners, etc. serve in a variety of contexts. Some work in very public settings on the front lines addressing issues like poverty and gender based violence. Some work behind the scenes in care ministries in nursing homes, congregations, and in places where they do not outwardly talk about their faith. Their work varies greatly. They are nurses, parish workers, social workers, teachers, health educators, lawyers, doctors, missionaries, aid workers.

These amazing individuals want to come and learn about the ministries at St. Luke’s. And we have some exciting things to talk about. So, on July 2, we will be hosting some of the attendees from the Assembly for worship. We are looking for your help.

If you are willing to provide transportation to and from Loyola in Rogers Park and/or are willing to serve as a host for a meal with our international guests, please speak with Pastor Erik or Claire (  . Our guests may not be able to attend both services, but those details will be easier to narrow down once we know who is able to volunteer.

The theme for this Assembly is Shaken by the Wind:

  • to be gathered together
  • to create community 
  • to rock the foundations
  • to face the chaos 
  • to explore the unknown 
  • to find a new perspective
  • to nourish hope
  • to be scattered to serve


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