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Pentecost Flowers. Thank you 2017.

Thank you to everyone who donated flowers for this year’s celebration of Pentecost at St. Luke’s. Your generosity provided us with many floral reminders of Holy Spirit’s presence in worship on Sunday.

Flowers were given by:

  • Cynthia Stengel with thanks for the Holy Spirit at work at St. Luke’s.
  • Andrew Bailey in memory of Samuel Velez Roldan and with thanks for his upcoming graduation from National Louis University with a Master of Arts in Teaching in Special Education.
  • Judi & Bill Keippel with thanks for family & friends.
  • Katie Baxter.
  • Mark and Laura Wilhelm in honor of the ministry of Pastor Erik Christensen.
  • Pastor Erik Christensen & Kerry Jenkins with thanks for the people of St. Luke’s.
  • Erin & Josh Coleman Branchaud with thanks for the Holy Spirit and her mischievousness.
  • Linda Bringman with thanks for a new church home!
  • Peter Wilhelm, Libby Levandoski, Oskar Wilhelm & Gus Wilhelm.
  • The Pflederers.

If you donated flowers, please be sure to take them home to plant or give to a neighbor. We’ll only be able to keep them inside through Sunday, June 11.

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