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Summer Testimony Series | Ordinary Time, Extraordinary God

Left to right: Abraham and Sarah, Sacrifice of Isaac, Jacob wrestles with an angel, Joseph’s coat


In worship this summer, the first reading (reading from the Hebrew Bible) each week comes from the book of Genesis. They are the stories of Sarah and Abraham and their descendants: ordinary people, imperfect relationships, dysfunctional families, who are nevertheless called and blessed to walk with God.

For the testimony series at the 11:00 service this summer, we’re inviting folks to consider their own story as part of that pattern. Genesis offers us stories of people not so different from you and me… in places not so different from this place… in families not so different from our families.
When was a time that, in the midst of your messiness, mistakes, or pain, you experienced God’s saving presence? How has God blessed even your very ordinary life?

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