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Season of Creation | Spirit of God, Spirit of Life.

Season of Creation | These four weeks of “extraordinary time” interrupt our liturgical calendar in order to draw us more fully into God’s love for creation and into the urgency of our human vocation as Earth-keepers. The celebration of a Season of Creation is a world-wide ecumenical movement that arose in response to the growing global environmental crisis. Season of Creation follows a three-year pattern of readings, in rhythm with the three-year liturgical cycle. This year, the first year of the cycle, focuses on the Spirit.

Spirit of God, Spirit of Life | In the Hebrew Bible, God’s ruach (Heb: ר֣וּחַ) moved on the face of the waters at the beginning of creation (Gen 1:2). Ruach is moving air – a breath, a breeze, or violent storm winds – sometimes translated as “spirit.” God’s ruach is associated with creative, powerful, and saving activity. The counterpart in the New Testament is pneuma (Gk: πνεῦμα), which can refer to the Holy Spirit and to the soul, or animating force of life. For Christians, the Holy Spirit is the third person of the Trinity who breathes life into creation, suffers with creation, and renews all creation.

Each Sunday in October, we will focus on a different image:
October 1 – Forest Sunday
October 8 – Land Sunday
October 15 – Wilderness Sunday
October 22 – River Sunday
October 29 – Eco-Reformation Sunday
We will hear testimonies and reflect together on the presence of the spirit in creation.

If you have a story to share, please contact Pastoral Resident Erin ( We still have several slots open at the 9:00 service.

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