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Blessing of the Animals

This October, we invite you to share the joy of celebrating all the animals in your life from kittens to hedgehogs to fish to cheeky squirrels steal birdseed. Let’s see how many pictures we can get tagged on social media with:

#petblessing #stfrancis #seasonofcreation


We also invite you to take time to bless the special animals in your life on October 4:

You may begin the blessing by reading Matthew 6:25-29.

A reading from St. Francis: ‘Peace, birds, peace!’ My brother and sister birds, you should greatly praise your Creator and love God always. God gave you feathers to wear, and wings to fly, and whatever you need. God made you noble among creatures and gave you a home in the purity of the air, so that, though you do not sow nor reap, God nevertheless protects and governs you without your least care.

Place a hand on the animal and speak their name as you bless them:

Blessed be God, for your life, [name], and for the joy you bring your fellow creatures. God’s blessings of kindness, health, and joy be yours.

You may end the blessing by praying the Lord’s Prayer.


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