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Advent at Home

This past Sunday, the first Sunday of Advent, the children’s sermon introduced the language that we’ll be using throughout Advent as we build the manger week by week, feeling the expectant drama of this season:

The night was deep
The night was cold
Silence lay everywhere
And the world was waiting… Waiting… Waiting…

If you build a nativity together at home, consider using this language to help the children watch and wait for the arrival of baby Jesus. Some families keep the Jesus figurine in a different place throughout Advent, and only add the baby to the scene on Christmas Eve.

If singing is a part of your faith life at home, I invite you to sing this song together throughout this season. We’ll be singing it each Sunday, including Christmas Eve, and the children are invited to join in:

(Sung to the tune of “What Child Is This?”)
A sound rings forth at deep midnight,
like gentle laughter fine and light,
like golden bells ringing all their worth,
like falling stars upon the earth.

Peace be yours in watching and waiting for the light of Christ.
-Pastoral Resident Erin

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