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God is a She

In honor of Women’s History Month and International Women’s Day, we wanted to share with you a poem written by Charlotte Anliker:

God is a She

by Charlotte Anliker

God is a she
Like me!
She gets passed over for promotions at
“That’s okay”
They tell God
“You wouldn’t want to be more successful
than your husband anyways, you are
married right?”
She gets interrupted by men who think
they know more than her
Who think they know more than God
When she walks home alone at night,
She worries.
She goes to planned parenthood
To get her birth control
People judge her body
Her clothes
Her choices
As if they are available for public
“Should you really be eating that?”
They ask God
“Should you really be wearing that?”
They ask God
God is a she
Like me
She texts her friends to make sure they got
home safely
She compliments the girl she just met in
the bathroom on her hair
She watches reality television and drinks
wine with her friends
She cries
It’s hard to be God sometimes
God is a she
Like me
And I am like her


Charlotte Anliker (she/her/hers) is a preschool teacher in Chicago. This is the first poem she has written and it was inspired by her love for feminist theology and need to dispel the harmful use of masculine-exclusive God language. You can contact Charlotte about her poem at

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