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Summer Testimony Series | What is your story?

Here at St. Luke’s, testimony is one of our central practices. We tell each other real stories from our lives, and trust that God will show up in the proclamation.

This summer, our worship life will center around a series we’re calling “Holy Scandal: The Outrageous Stories of the People of God.” We’ll hear stories from the Bible of unlikely prophets and surprising heroes, of scandalous miracles and shady characters. The people of God in the Bible are a wild bunch.

And you, St. Luke’s – you are the people of God too. We know you have some stories to tell. Maybe your story is as beautiful as the call of Samuel, or as dramatic as David and Goliath, or as scandalous as the healing of the hemorrhaging woman.

Or, maybe not. Maybe your story is as ordinary as a mustard seed, or as tender as the sound of God’s voice.

Maybe you have a story to tell about St. Luke’s – what brought you here, or why you stuck around. Maybe you have a story to tell about your own faith – why you’re spending your time and money on this scandalous gospel work. Maybe you will tell us about your holy growing and learning with the divine.

Whatever your story is, it’s your story and it matters. Your stories are the stories of the people of God. And we’d like to hear them.

If you’re thinking about giving a testimony this summer, contact Pastoral Resident Erin (

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