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Holy Scandal

This Sunday we begin a new series for the summer- Holy Scandal:The Outrageous Stories of the People of God.  Oftentimes, the Season After Pentecost, the longest season in the church year, stretches through the summer months without much fanfare.  It is a season without much to break it up- no Christmas, no Holy Week, just the regular gatherings on Sundays that mark our life together.  However, it is precisely in this ordinary time that we can turn our focus to the outrageous work of our God in the stories of people of faith.

Throughout this season we will hear Old Testament readings from the semi-continuous series, a set of texts that allow us to follow the narrative of particular Old Testament characters.  On June 3rd we will begin with the call of Samuel, an outrageous story of a child who hears God’s call and is given the task of speaking truth to power.  We will hear the story of Israel’s desire for a King, and the scandalous calling of David.  We will encounter Goliath along with David and follow David’s rise to power as King.  In our New Testament text, we will hear stories of Jesus as a scandalous healer, a powerful preacher and an outrageous miracle worker.

And in the midst of these holy texts, this summer we will also lift of the stories of the people of God here at St. Luke’s.  We encourage you to take time to gather with us on Sundays- to hear the scandalous and outrageous stories of the people of God in our texts as well as the powerful and vulnerable stories of the people of God in this place.

Summer is exciting here at St. Luke’s! Join us for this look into Holy Scandal: The Outrageous Stories of the People of God.

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