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Welcome September!

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Last week we had one of those perfect Chicago days- the air was cool, the sun was shining, and everyone seemed to smile as they walked around Logan Square.  It was the first day that felt like fall, and it was a welcome change from the sweaty, humid or thunderstorming weather that surrounded that one perfect day.

As we notice the first signs of fall around us- a run on backpacks and pencils at the store, leaves beginning to look as if they are ready to turn colors, the arrival of pumpkin spice as a latte flavor at our local coffee shop, we prepare in the church to return to seeing familiar faces in worship as summer travel comes to a close and we return to more regular schedules.  

With the onset of fall, at St. Luke’s we have a number of exciting events on the agenda:  

September 2nd– At both services this Sunday we will be joined by a speaker from ARISE Chicago, an organization that builds partnerships between faith communities and workers to fight workplace injustice through education, organizing and advocating for public policy changes.

September 9th– FALL KICKOFF!  We will begin with coffee hour and fellowship at 9:30, Sunday School at 10am, and worship at 10:30.  Our worship service will include some amazing testimonies from members of St. Luke’s, and we will use this day to kick-off our Powerful Church, Transforming Lives, Changing the World month!

September 16th– Gender 101 @ 12pm, and September 19th @ 7pm.  

Gender 101 is an educational and experiential workshop taught by our own St. Luke’s member, Reed Fowler.  Participants will have the chance to reflect on theological teachings, explore their own embodied gender, and learn tools to deepen allyship to trans and gender non-conforming people. There is no cost for the workshop, and everyone, regardless of identity or experience, is welcome and invited to attend! This curriculum was developed through a grant from the Metro Chicago Synod to St. Luke’s Lutheran Church of Logan Square.

September 16, 23, 30th– Powerful Church, Transforming Lives, and Changing the World- throughout September we will highlight the ways that St. Luke’s is doing the the powerful work of transformation in our lives and in the world.  The fall is a great time to consider joining a new group!

However you recognize the arrival of fall, we hope you will join us for a month of celebrating the mission and ministry of St. Luke’s, most certainly a powerful church that transforms lives and changes the world!

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