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Serving together at St. Luke’s

At St. Luke’s Lutheran Church of Logan Square we are building a powerful church to transform lives and change the world! We see Church Community Builder (CCB), our church “intranet” for events, volunteering, giving, communicating, gathering and serving, as an integral part of that work.

In CCB are many tools for organizing, communicating with, and serving small groups. From being able to ask for what you need (a meal train, Sunday school supplies, people to host events, etc) to scheduling testimonies to being able request space at the church and get it on the calendar to setting up easy online giving from your bank account or a debit/credit card, we love CCB.

CCB helps us track our goals. For example, We want 60% of St. Luke’s community members to be involved in public faith events and training. When group leaders take attendance in the LEAD app or in CCB on on their desktop, it’s about helping one another see what is happening so we can see how best to reach our goals. Being organized and powerful is a good thing when we’re building up the Body of Christ and serving our neighbors.

When we use CCB well, we empower each other to create a culture that encourages people to get to know one another more deeply because they have names, emails, addresses, and ways to connect right at their fingertips!

Don’t hesitate to ask Claire in the church office if CCB has a way to serve your ministry.

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