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Join our Beginning of Summer Book Study

Join our Beginning of Summer Book Study

Shameless: A Sexual Reformation

To further our church’s commitment to transformative justice, St. Luke’s small group Women’s Weekly Wine and Word (W4) invites the congregation to participate in a book study of Shameless: A Sexual Reformation by Pastor Nadia Bolz-Weber.

Members of W4 selected Shameless to explore how we as individuals and as the church can reform our traditional notions of sex, gender, and our bodies in order to create an accepting and affirming world.

Structured like a worship service, Shameless is a searingly honest analysis of the messages we’ve received from religion that tell us to feel bad about ourselves: our sexuality, our gender-identity, and our decisions—to have or not to have children, to have an abortion, or to have sex before marriage.

Through anecdotes, poetry, scripture, and plenty of humor, Nadia Bolz-Weber calls us (in the spirit of Martin Luther) to reject these outdated and toxic themes. Instead, she offers a gospel that frees us from that harm and celebrates the inherent goodness we and our bodies possess.

The book study is open to everyone at St. Luke’s. If you are interested in participating, please click here to order your book. SommerAnn McCullough will be in touch with everyone who orders a copy to organize book discussions throughout the month of April. Please contact SommerAnn with any questions about the book study.


Please follow this link to fill out the order form. This form will only be active through March 17th. After March 17th, St. Luke’s will not be able to order a copy for you.

There are two payment options:

1. PAY NOW with a debit/credit card.

2. PAY LATER with cash/check. (You cannot pay later with your debit/credit card.)

If you are unable to afford a copy, please speak with Pastor Erin. We don’t want cost to be a hindrance from participating in this book study.

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