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Upside Down Variety Show

Carmen Kingsley, offers this reflection on the season of Epiphany and the upcoming Upside Down Variety Show:

The season of Epiphany encourages us to revel in Christ’s birth and the initiation of his ministry.  We began by remembering his baptism and with it God’s promise to love us and accompany us. Christ’s first miracle, changing water to wine, challenged us to focus on our abundance instead of worrying about scarcity.  Also, Jesus seems to enjoy a good party. We recognized that God’s will is being done in the world and that it’s not always obvious where and how God’s will is expressed. Additionally, God’s blessing often looks different than what we might expect.

“Also, Jesus seems to enjoy a good party.”

So why would we choose to celebrate the end of Epiphany with an Upside Down variety show? During this season we have explored how God can bless us in unexpected ways. We have also been challenged to share in our abundance. In order to celebrate Jesus’ ministry, that often turned societal norms on their heads, let’s revel in our good humor and love for each other.

The Upside Down variety show can offer us the opportunity to express our faith in new ways, through laughter and joy and through our desire to share different parts of ourselves.  It allows us to abandon convention and allow the Spirit to move in new and fun ways.

Join us! The Upside Down Variety Show is Sunday, March 3rd at 4:00 p.m.

Sign up to share your talent or un-talent on the chalkboard wall at church, or email Pastor Erin (

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