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Our Creative Selves: Yoga @ St. Luke’s with Rachel Dahlgren

Lately, I have been thinking about humans as creative beings. Merriam-Webster defines creative as “marked by the ability or power to create.” Being creative is a way for us to express our experiences, enrich our lives, and enjoy something beautiful or unique. Creativity involves a certain amount of vulnerability. It is vulnerable to put yourself out there and share what you create with others. You are exposed to others’ opinions and judgments. It takes courage to share what you create with other people. Sometimes people may like what you create, other times they may not. But does that matter? Of course it feels good when someone gives us positive feedback. It can also feel challenging or embarrassing if someone expresses a harsh critique. However, the important thing is that you took the time to engage with your creative self. You embarked on a journey to make something and you were brave and put it out there no matter what.

Often I hear people say that they are not creative or they do not have any artistic abilities. I would venture to say that our God is a creative God. The first chapter of the Bible talks about God’s creation. We need not look any further than outside our own windows to see this beautiful creation – trees, plants, animals, lakes, rivers, and many other beautiful aspects of creation. God created humankind in God’s own image. He has formed each one of us and we each have different inherent gifts that can be expressed and shared with others.

Yoga can be viewed as a creative practice. In a class, the yoga instructor creates the sequence for the students to engage in and the students create breath and mindfulness throughout the class. In yoga, “prana” is the Sanskrit term for our energy, or life force. “Pranayama” is the term for breath control, which is a vital aspect of a yoga practice. Through “asanas,” or postures, we create shapes with our bodies as we create pranayama. Each pose has its own Sanskrit name and is unique. Different poses can make us feel different ways. We may choose to have an asana practice that is more restful and restorative or a practice that is more energizing.

We all have within us an ability to be creative, as we all have the ability to create breath. We all have the ability to create a practice of mindfulness by simply focusing on the present moment. Maybe you have not thought about creating something in a while or maybe you take time to regularly create something. Maybe you would like to explore your creativity through yoga or maybe there are other outlets for your creativity you enjoy – woodworking, drawing, painting, writing, or fashion. There are so many ways to express one’s creativity and inspiration! I would like to invite you to take a moment to engage with your creative self, be present and mindful throughout your creative process, and have some fun with it!


Yoga @ St. Luke’s meets every other Tuesday. For more information, check out the Facebook event.

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