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“God is…” Poetry and Art Drive

by Claire Schoepp

When I was in graduate school for theology, I was able to take a class called “Sacramental Aesthetics.” I think I read more for that class than for any other. It was exciting to explore the way that art (literature, visual art, poetry, music, theatre…) and theology were in conversation. The class confirmed something for me that needed confirming: there aren’t always words to describe the Divine if we try to go at it systematically. One of the authors we read was Hans Urs von Balthasar (whom I simultaneously loved for the ways he opened up theological possibilities and hated for the ways he espoused notions of what it means to be human that ran contrary to my convictions). von Balthasar wrote dense and thorough works. What I found remarkable in reading them was that the more I read the more I realized that some things cannot be fully expressed in a systematic theology. Sometimes, maybe most times, art can do you one better.

Think about it. How would you begin to put into words or images who God is? What if you had to consciously keep in mind the mystery of our Trinitarian God?

Last year, Pastor Erin stumbled across a fantastic idea just a little too close to Holy Trinity Sunday to make it happen. So, she saved up the idea for a whole year just waiting to invite you to create art. We’re having a Poetry and Art Drive for Holy Trinity Sunday (June 16th).

Delve into the mystery of the Holy Trinity and answer the prompt “God is…” with a piece of art or poetry. Pastor Erin will work your work into the work of the people (liturgy) for Holy Trinity Sunday on June 16th.

To participate, please indicate your interest to Pastor Erin no later than Pentecost Sunday (June 9).


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