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Around the same time that Pastor Erin and Claire were thinking about what edits needed to be made to the website when she was called as our pastor, Callie sent an awesome suggestion for our website to include some more information about accessibility. The conversation continued and we have some drafted language between Pastor Erin and Callie, but are looking for your input as well because we know that we might have missed something. Help us out. What’s missing? Shoot Pastor Erin ( or Claire ( an email:

Getting There

St. Luke’s is located at 2837 W. Armitage Ave in a storefront previously used as a real estate office. Look for the blue “Plaza Financial LLC” sign and the large windows decorated with a white decal of our logo.

The church is located approximately one half a block (200 feet) from both the Armitage & Fransisco stop of the 73 Armitage bus. You can also get there from Armitage & California stops of the 73 Armitage Bus and the 52 Kedzie/California bus which is approximately 400 feet from the church entrance. The church is approximately 0.4 miles from the California Blue Line ‘L’ station.



Unfortunately, there are no ADA accessible parking spots nearby. Free street parking is available on either side of Armitage, and there are some diagonal parking spots across the street on Mozart St.

Additional parking is available on surrounding residential side streets. Just be sure to watch for permit parking and no parking signs.


Entering the Space

The front entrance to St. Luke’s is on street level. However, unfortunately, the entrance is not ADA compliant. There is no automatic door button. There are two doors that open in towards one another to form a vestibule. There is also a 1-inch tall concrete threshold at the entrance to the first door, making it difficult to maneuver a wheelchair, walker, or stroller. We have two portable wooden ramps that can be put down to make it easier to cross the threshold if needed. Just to the left and above the door there is a doorbell you can ring, or you can knock on the window if you need someone to hold the doors open.



Our worship space is flexible and chairs (no armrests) are frequently moved in different configurations for different types of services. Please feel free to find a space that best suits your needs, and alert an usher at the front by the hymnals if you would like us to move additional chairs for you.

In addition to chairs, there are two large wooden pews next to the half walls that divide the space that are available for seating.


During Worship Service

You are invited to “please rise in body or spirit” at various parts of the liturgy, meaning that you are welcome to stay seated or assume another worshipful posture, depending on what is most comfortable and accessible to you.

We all have different needs when it comes to movement, noise, and attention. Please feel free to get up and move about during the service as you need. You are welcome to move to the space on the hardwood floor over by the windows if you need more space to move about . You are also welcome to use the restroom if you need to during the service.



There is one bathroom with a toilet and a changing table, located at the back of the building. It has handrails and is a large space. The bathroom is gender neutral. There is small stool in the bathroom to help you reach the sink.



Gluten-free wafers are available at communion in a separate cup. Wine is offered in the first chalice and grape juice in the second chalice.

If for whatever reason you prefer to only receive one element (either bread or wine), know that Christ is fully present and active, even in only one communion element. If you prefer not to receive communion at all, you can simply remain in your seat, or come forward to receive a blessing.

St. Luke’s members volunteer to provide a wide variety of refreshments during coffee hour after services, please be advised that goodies that may contain allergens such as tree nuts and peanuts.

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