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Anti-Bias, AntiRacist Education Workshop

This summer, St. Luke’s is inviting you to join in the anti-racism work of the church in a variety of ways.

Sarena Griffin, Francisco Herrera, & Claire Schoepp are excited to invite you to think about anti-racism work with children. The three of us and a few others are in the very early stages of figuring out what it would look like to have a faith-based curriculum for this work. Ivan Perez, among others, suggested that we consider getting some training for before we dive into this too deeply, and so we are. And we want you to join us.

In this workshop designed especially for educators, participants will explore how bias and race prejudice develop, and how they become structured into institutions and systems. Participants will also gain insight into how children and adults internalize and act out of these biases. The 4 Goals of Anti-bias Education will be introduced, and participants will consider ways to apply them to educational settings.

Who is this for? Educators working in all settings, including early childhood, religious education, after school programs, K-12, public and private schools, and teacher education programs at colleges and universities.

Thanks to the generosity of the Anti-Racism Team of the Metro Chicago Synod of the ELCA, this workshop is being put together for a greatly reduced cost. We’re asking for some help covering the cost of lunch.

To register, please follow this link.

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