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Merry Music Making

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What songs/hymns do you remember singing when you were a child? The B-I-B-L-E? Deep and Wide? The Noah’s Ark Song? This Little Light of Mine? Jesus Loves Me? What was your favorite Sunday School song?

These and other songs are the ones that many of us recall decades later – for example, my favorite song as a kid was “The Wise Man Built his House Upon a Rock” – even today I remember all the motions and verses and occasionally the melody pops in my head at the most interesting times!

Starting the first Sunday in July and continuing through Labor Day weekend, St. Luke’s will offer an opportunity for kids to join in some merry music making between services. One of the projects we’ll start is creation of a songbook just for them – The St. Luke’s Kids’ Songbook – an ongoing project that will include each child’s favorite Sunday School song, new songs they think should be added, and probably even some of your favorites. And it won’t be just singing…we’ll do some playing with the bells (the kids’ bells at first, although eventually maybe the “real” bells); the Orff instruments – xylophones, glockenspiels, and other special instruments; and lots of drumming of course!

So, for about 15-20 minutes each Sunday those kids who want to have some musical fun are invited to join me in the Sunday School room for a time to just have fun with music – and begin to create a St. Luke’s Kids’ Songbook.

If you have any questions or would like to be apart of this as well (adults are always welcome to have some joyful fun!) please email me at or see me before or after church. And, no matter how old you are – please do send me your favorite songs that we can share with our youngest at St. Luke’s.

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