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Invitation to Conversation

by Marit Johnson on behalf of the Generosity Network

It seems strange that fall is already here. Summer work hours have ended; vacations are over; and school has started. As summer ends, St. Luke’s is looking forward to new seasons, including another season of Growing in Generosity. The Generosity Network is starting to plan for this year’s season of Growing in Generosity, and we’re looking forward to exploring our thoughts and ideas with you.

Last year during our season of Growing in Generosity, Eric Halvorson reminded us in his testimony that talking about money with others can sometimes be hard and uncomfortable. Most times when our Generosity Network meets, we open each meeting with a “circle question” that asks us to reflect about our life experiences with money, finances, and generosity. These conversations can dig deep into snippets of each member’s understanding and backgrounds. What is a text (biblical or otherwise) that inspires you to give? When was a time when you gave money generously or received a generous financial gift and the experience was transformative? 

There are some instances where I feel uncomfortable in these conversations. “How deep do I want to go with my reflection?” As the youngest member of the Generosity Network, I often wonder “What do I have to add or offer that my GenNet friends haven’t already experienced or vocalized?” Each time we have these conversations, I’m remind myself of a phrase from my LVC house covenant—“Create comfortable spaces for uncomfortable conversations.” And that’s what members of the Generosity Network do. We are invited into each other’s home to share a meal and have honest conversations. I think I need to add an addendum to my LVC phrase. It’s not only a comfortable space, but a courageous space.

Over the next couple of months, we’ll be hosting some comfortable and courageous conversation spaces to talk with each other about money and generosity. GenNet members will have some questions to get things started, but feel free to bring questions weighing on your mind. Conversations can amble where the group most needs it. Signup sheets will be available in the front of the church. If none of the posted times work for you, let us know. We want to make sure all who are interested have a chance to explore these questions together.

It’s not always comfortable to talk about money. But we can take courage from the fact that all are welcome at the table. Get comfortable—and if not comfortable, take courage. Whatever your questions, experiences, or concerns, we have so much we can learn from each other.

Photo by Jeremy Bishop on Unsplash

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