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Thank You from Diaconal Intern Lora Salley

Dear St. Luke’s community,

As I finish my time as Diaconal Intern, I am filled with gratitude for the opportunity to have served at St. Luke’s. Thank you all for helping me grow in my ministry, to share with you my work as a chaplain, and to participate in the church in new ways. As a long-time member, I have a deep appreciation for the gifts of this community which have continued through the many changes this church has experienced, from selling its former traditional church building to moving to a storefront to moving to online worship and gatherings in the face of a pandemic.  I continue to be a member at St. Luke’s, a community that continues to provide hope to me as it faces each struggle together, with strong faith in God’s promises. Thank you for this hope, which provides strength as I work with those near the end of their earthly lives. One of the many gifts of my internship has been the opportunity to reflect on how talking about death and dying can show us how to live, illuminate what is truly important, and surprisingly be life-giving work. In this Easter season, may the love of God surprisingly revealed in Christ through his death and resurrection provide us with comfort and hope amid such difficult times. 

With gratitude,

Lora Salley


Check out these highlights from Lora’s internship at St. Luke’s!

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