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July Thanksgiving

July Thanksgiving

As a church that calls people into community and equips them for service in the world, this month St. Luke’s Council gives thanksgiving for several closely connected members who recently embarked on new chapters in their life. Over the past several weeks, St. Luke’s has wished Farewell and Godspeed to Scott and Kenneth Shippy and Nucha Isarowong, Debra Morris, Eric Halvorson and Reed Fowler. At two recent coffee-hour Zoom meetings, members from St. Luke’s have shared rich memories and spirit-filled stories that have demonstrated the impact each of these members have made on the life of our community.

Special thanks are given to Scott Shippy, who served as St. Luke’s Treasurer last past year (among a plethora of other positions during his time at St. Luke’s) and provided gracious help in transitioning the Treasurer position to Gretchen Burch. His son, Kenneth Shippy, is also recognized for courageous leadership as a confirmation student and his zeal for dancing, leading worship, and caring for St. Luke’s youngest members.

Many thanks are given to Debra Morris, who served on Pastoral Intern Elle Dowd’s Internship Committee, in addition to well-wishes as she welcomes a new grandchild into the family.

Eric Halvorson, who first came to St. Luke’s with the Lutheran Volunteer Service Corps in Chicago, also served on the Internship Committee, in addition to several integral facets of St. Luke’s ministries, including the Antiracism ministry, Table Talk, Erin’s Call Committee, and more, in addition to creating Proclaim, St. Luke’s new Podcast.

Reed Fowler began their path to seminary as a result of their relationship with St. Luke’s, led and participated in many St. Luke’s ministries like Table Talk and Council, and has further graced St. Luke’s with their talents in worship planning, liturgy and preaching. In 2016, they delivered their first sermon at St. Luke’s, a co-preaching venture together with then-Pastoral Intern Erin Branchaud; this past week, Reed gave one more sermon on “All Creation Set Free” to honor their departure. This next year, Reed plans to finish their final year at the Lutheran School of Theology at Chicago, embarking on a year-long internship at St. John’s Lutheran Church in New York City.

St. Luke’s Council would like to honor each one of these beloved members. We wish them the best in their journeys ahead.

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