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Worship in November | Endings and Beginnings

Sometimes it feels like the world is coming to an end… and at the same time, it is just beginning. Seasons change; death and life continue in endless cycle. Growth gives way to decay, and decay to growth again. Our worship life in November centers on cosmic endings and beginnings.

On the first Sunday in November, we celebrate All Saints Day, recalling the thin veil between the temporal and the eternal, between saints alive today and those of the past or future. Then on the civic calendar, we move through an election, a critical moment in our world that produces anxiety for many of us, and might feel like life or death. Worship deals with themes of the end times, God’s final justice, and the reality of our own mortality. Finally, November 22nd is the end of the church year, which we mark each year by celebrating the liberating paradox of the cross of Christ, which saves us.

November 1 | All Saints Day

November 8 | The time is drawing nigh

November 15 | Memento mori

November 22 | Reign of Christ


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