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Update from Council on Staffing Proposal and Mission

November 1, 2020

Dear St. Luke’s, 

Greetings on this week leading up to the 503rd anniversary of the Reformation. The church, then, now, and in the future, is called to moments of great account, of small mercy, of singing songs and growing in freedom.

We are writing with a brief update from your Council in diaspora to you, the church.  We had excellent attendance and engagement with our Oct. 11th Town Hall, as well as follow up with the survey. Thank you to all those who attended and shared your thoughts, feelings, reflections, and questions with us.

Council debriefed everyone’s input at a short meeting after the Town Hall, and took time to reflect and digest what we heard before our Oct. 20th meeting. What we heard clearly: things need to slow down and be opened up. There was, however, no mandate on the staffing proposal itself. What we heard the most was the need for more time, space, and conversation. While the opportunity to hear and be heard on the 11th was appreciated, members also expressed the lack of processes prior to the meeting, and the need for more after.

As a result, we are not moving forward with steps toward hiring pastoral intern Elle at this time. However, we are not ruling out that possibility for the future as a way to live into our mission. Instead, we intend to slow down with you, step back with you, and ask big, probing questions about how our vision might be lived out vis a vis our budget, space, and staffing patterns. We have not reached any decisions about how and when to best to do this. Please know we continue to listen to what you have said, ask ourselves the questions you have raised, and look forward to further engagement.

We are entering into an exciting time in our church ministry, with a new location in the community and a new partner in Christ. This is a perfect time for us all to envision where we want to be in the future and what work St. Luke’s feels called to do. We look forward to doing this together as we learn and grow.

Continue to pray for our pastor, staff, Council, and each other. Our world is broken and hurting, and we are grateful for the myriad ways you live out your Christian vocation of love, justice, and mercy wherever you are.

We remain yours in Christ,

St. Luke’s Council

Erika Dornfeld, Chair
Charlotte Flynn, Secretary
Sarena Griffin
Em Jacoby
Marit Johnson
Justin Perkins, Vice-Chair
Pastor Erin Coleman Branchaud

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