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November Thanksgivings







This November, St. Luke’s Council gives abundant thanks for staff and community who
assisted our Moving Team in the location transition process from 2837 W Armitage to our new
home at 3325 W Wrightwood. First, a thank you to all those in our church, members at Grace
United Methodist Church, and broader community who supported our move through
collaborative planning, hospitable welcoming, prayer, and ample donations of packing tape,
boxes, and other moving supplies.
We especially thank those who signed up to serve on the Moving Team and those who
volunteered for packing days in September and October, Jonathan and Gretchen Burch; Justin
Perkins; Brian Klassen, Em Jacoby, Hendrick, Tella, and Wren Jacoby-Klassen; Eric
Baudais and Meghan Hewitt, Mark and Laura Wilhelm; Katie Baxter; Alyson Hankwitz
and Ramiro; Josh Branchaud; T.J. Coleman; Marge Radtke, Natü Villareal, Dina Petrakis,
Savanna Sullivan, Erika Dornfeld, and Bill and Judi Keippel.
Additionally, we give thanks to staff who went above and beyond in preparing St. Luke’s
to be moved, notably Claire Schoepp who handled the administrative aspects of the move while
working from home; Carmen Kingsley who worked on the children’s materials; and Bev
Jedynak who provided crucial support in helping move all of St. Luke’s trove of music files,
instruments, coordinating with Anika and Mike Byrley to find a suitable piano mover for St.
Luke’s beloved Kawaii upright piano.
Cheers to a milestone moment in our church’s history and for the promise of St. Luke’s
future in our new home.
Note from Pastor Erin: A special shoutout also to Justin Perkins, who wrote this Thanksgiving
and is too humble to acknowledge that he chaired the Moving Team, hiring movers and
coordinating packing days. Thank you Justin!

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