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December Thanksgivings

For December, St. Luke’s wants to thank the Public Faith Team, who offered their time and effort to the Illinois Fair Tax campaign.

At a time when traditional modes of advocacy were either unavailable or rapidly changing, these folks took up an important initiative that sought to provide better funding for public goods and services in our state. This team is a small group of people who have an eye toward the big picture, and also do so much grunt work that is out of sight.

The Public Faith Team pursued this work together, as well as in collaboration with partners both in the neighborhood and throughout the city. Even though the initiative did not pass, the effort around this campaign helped educate the public and raise important questions about our collective, unequal, support of public infrastructure.

We raise a glass and toast the  folks who advocated on our behalf. To the public faith team: Megan Moran, Haley Toresdahl, Em Jacoby, Charlotte Flynn, Katie Maxwell, Yali Amit, and Mary Margaret Morris. We are so grateful for your diligence, passion and vision!

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