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Doughnut Festivale Acrostic

Don’t we all need a little sweetness in our lives?
Outside it’s chilly and white.
Under precaution due to Covid, but still
Getting St Luke’s community together.
Having fun with Bible trivia.
Not one was denied a treat!
Uncovering the genius of St. Luke’s biblical feat
The chocolate paczyk was the biggest crowd pleaser!

Forty days in the desert
Each temptation refused
Supporting a local bakery
Thirty or so stopped by to partake
Including hand delivered treats to beloved community
Vegan homemade doughnuts in abundance

Ash Wednesday will start the season
Lent is coming!
Excited to see everyone that came
In the spirit of Festivale, we decided to go a little off the beaten track for a reflection on an event article. Hope you enjoyed our dabbling in frivolity.

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