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Reuniting St. Luke’s: In-Person Worship

A voice says, “Cry out!” And I said, “What shall I cry?” Isaiah 40:6

Over the past year the Reuniting St. Luke’s Task Force has met many times to discuss variations of, “What shall our guidance be for this period of time?” We knew that our recommended guidelines would not please everyone in the congregation. For some, we were too cautious; for others, our guidelines have moved too quickly. Throughout this time of pandemic, the task force has researched the latest public health guidelines and kept the needs and care for the St. Luke’s community at the forefront of our work. We are aware that this situation will continue to evolve and adapt, and task force members are still committed to this work.

With increased vaccination rates and decreasing case numbers, the task force and the St. Luke’s council feel encouraged to try something new. Beginning Sunday, June 6, you are invited to attend in-person indoor worship at church (3325 W. Wrightwood).

  • This service will also be live streamed for those not comfortable attending in-person worship at this time and to include our online community.
  • RSVPs will be required as space will be limited to 33 households or 50 people, whichever is reached first (more info to come on this).
  • Households will be physically distanced and must wear masks during this service of Holy Communion. Individuals may briefly remove their mask to consume communion in designated areas.
  • Music will be led by a couple of song leaders, and the congregation is invited to make a joyful noise with handheld instruments or by clapping.
  • The congregation will be allowed to speak communal prayers and shorter responses.

Some items of worship or the RSVP process may continue to shift as we learn from this transition. We appreciate your patience, flexibility, and ideas during this time.

We know that many have yearned for the moment to regather for in-person worship; we also acknowledge that this is a significant shift that may cause anxiety for others. In addition to this being our first time worshiping together in person since the pandemic, this will also be the first time our community will worship in our new location at Wrightwood and Kimball. Know that, whether in-person or online, you are a welcome and cherished part of the St. Luke’s community. We look forward to worshiping with you in a new way soon.

In peace,

The Reuniting St. Luke’s Task Force

Marit Johnson, Andrew Malone, Laura Wilhelm, the Rev. Erin Coleman Branchaud

Questions or concerns? Contact Marit Johnson (

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