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May Thanksgivings:

Since August 2020, St. Luke’s has had the gift of ministering and learning alongside Seminarian Kelsey Johnson. Kelsey has served as a Ministry in Context student—leading worship, preaching, and carrying out a project “Communion in a Late-Stage Pandemic.” This May, St. Luke’s Council gives thanks for Kelsey’s ministry in our community, and especially for her brave commitment to lead and learn alongside St. Luke’s during the pandemic in online settings. St. Luke’s Council also gives thanksgiving for Kelsey’s Seminarian Support Committee, chaired by Andrew Bailey, along with members Megan Moran, Casey Vanderstel, and Lora Salley.

At Sunday worship on May 2, St. Luke’s recognized Kelsey’s ministry and bid farewell. “It’s been a rich experience that I’ll continue to take with me through the remainder of my time in ministry,” said Kelsey at the service. The Seminarian Support Committee also recognized their communion workshop as a “fulfilling and life-giving” event in our community. We give thanks for the many blessings Kelsey has brought to our community this year and wish them the best as they continue to grow in ministry and their journey in discipleship!

If there is a person that you would like to lift up, please reach out to St. Luke’s council through Justin Perkins (

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