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Wishes for the Church

A Reflection on the Birthday Party for the Church

by Children’s Minister Carmen Kingsley

This spring, as I began to imagine possible intergenerational activities for the coming, warmer season, I heard about some churches who were planning Pentecost Birthday celebrations.  How fun!  After a couple of conversations with St. Luke’s council members and Pastor Hope, it seemed like a birthday party would give St. Luke’s and Grace Church a chance to mingle and dream.

When we celebrate Pentecost, we are commemorating the day when the Holy Spirit descended on the disciples with wind and tongues of fire.  Jesus was gone so God sent the Holy Spirit to the believers as a sign that God loves us and God is with us.  

On the day of Pentecost the disciples spoke to a diverse crowd in many languages.  The message of God’s love was extended beyond the smaller group of believers into the larger world, thus planting the seed for a new Christian Church.

On May 23, when St. Luke’s and Grace gathered, in a sweet and colorful celebration on the lawn of the church, we began to consider our wishes for the church in the coming year. Our wishes included:

  • doing more crafts in church
  • making loud noises with other kids
  • togetherness
  • overflowing pews
  • music
  • unity
  • community
  • more fun events. 

We played, heard the Pentecost story and basked in the (almost summer) sun!


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