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Ministry Updates

St. Luke’s has a practice of coming alongside those who are in formation processes to be ministers of word and service or word and sacrament. We delight in this work and are grateful to those who minister with us. This fall, we’re welcoming three individuals in some new roles at St. Luke’s. One is known and dear to us already and two are new and soon to be dear. We asked them to share a bit about themselves and how they will be serving at St. Luke’s this fall.

Erie Sara (they/them)

I would love to spend time helping people meet themselves at their own intersections. As a queer trans female who is also white, able-bodied, and educated, I exist at the intersections of difficulty and privilege – and so do we all. I’m interested in how the ways we define ourselves interact with who we are in Christ.

Erie begins their internship at St. Luke’s on August 1, 2021. St. Luke’s is 20% of a full-time internship. The other 80% will be spent with Extraordinary Lutheran Ministries.

Erie (like the lake), uses pronouns like they/them/theirs. They are very excited to start this new chapter with everyone at St. Luke’s. They are a candidate for Word and Service in the ELCA, with hopes to pursue a diaconal call in specifically LGBTQIA+ advocacy and education. They just finished their third year of studying at LSTC, and live in Rogers Park with some friends and their cat, Mitty. 

Erie grew up in a suburb of Minneapolis, before moving to the Fargo/Moorhead area for college. They graduated from MN State University Moorhead with a degree in Music Industry in 2014. Shortly after, God called them to Chicago but didn’t give a super clear picture of what they were to do here… that part came later, but they are figuring it out! When not talking about theology or Mitty, you can find Erie reading, crocheting, playing music, or running along the lakeshore.

Aaron Musser (he/him)

At St. Luke’s I hope to focus on adult small groups and written portions of liturgy.

Aaron begins his MIC student work at St. Luke’s beginning September 12, 2021.

Aaron studied religion and music in college and has spent the last two years as the Director of Music and Media at Redeemer Lutheran Church in Milwaukee, WI. Recently, Aaron composed and designed a Requiem for a Homeless Man in honor of Johnny Smith and to fundraise for a Mental Health Resource Center (more about this at In addition to his musical background, Aaron helped manage youth programs at Good Earth Village (an ELCA summer camp) and music organizations at St. Olaf College. Aaron is excited to share his gifts with St. Luke’s while continuing to learn and grow. He is currently pursuing ELCA ordination and an MDiv at LSTC.

Erika Dornfeld (she/her)

My time at St Luke’s will focus on the theological education of religious leaders, both lay and ordained, for the 21st century. In particular, what are the Lutheran understandings of vocation and baptismal calling for being a Christian in today’s pluralist society? What do people know, how do they want to learn, and how do the resources of a tradition and community work together to form faith and a sense of vocation?

Erika begins her field work this fall at St. Luke’s.

Erika is currently the Director of Field Education and Community Engagement at the University of Chicago Divinity School. She has been a member of St. Luke’s since 2011, and received her Masters of Divinity (MDiv) degree from the Divinity School in 2014. Prior to her current role at the Divinity School, Erika served as the  Regional Program Manager for Lutheran Volunteer Corps (LVC) for over five years. In her off-hours, Erika enjoys exploring Chicago’s neighborhoods by bike or bus, swimming in the lake, and re-watching The Office.

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