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Hello from Sarah Whitt, our Interim Administrator

Dear Congregation of St. Luke’s,

I’m pleased to introduce myself as your Interim Administrator. While I’ve joined you before for Easter and Ash Wednesday services, I’m not a regular attendee at St. Luke’s (or any other church community). I heard of this opportunity from Pastor Erin, who I know socially. 

Pastor Erin and I met at our partners’ workplace in 2017ish. I was instantly drawn to her depth. I systematically pursued a friendship with her by inviting her and her spouse to join my partner and I in a Legacy game of Pandemic. (This will definitely be a chapter in my “Guide to Wooing New Friends.”) Over the course of the next several months (paused by the actual real world pandemic), we gathered our families, broke bread, shared stories, and cooperated in saving the world as only the CDC can. 

Then, Pastor Erin told me about this interim position. It’s a good fit for me in a handful of ways. I’ve worked as an executive assistant for 20 years in a variety of settings, from law offices to private families to fine art foundries. I like supporting leaders doing meaningful work. I’m also a stay at home mom trying to regenerate an income. I’m grateful for the work, the flexible hours, and the environment I could bring my toddler to if needed.

While I feel cautious in religious communities, you’ve got something that stirs my curiosity. I feel the ring of truth in the words of inclusion and grace you use to represent yourselves. I’m curious to see how these next two months develop. I also take joy in bringing people together and am happy to support your search for a long-term Director of Administration and Communication.

When I’m not at St. Luke’s, I work as a part-time paralegal, potter, parent, and secular wedding officiant. I grew up in Oklahoma, spent my first marriage in New Orleans, divorced, and grew up again in Philadelphia. I moved to Chicago in 2019 to live with my partner (Brian), my stepchildren (Miette, 16, and Owen, 11) and our toddler (Magnolia, 2). 

I like to swim in open water, travel, and deeply connect in one-on-one conversations about anything that really matters to anyone. I am here for you if you want to talk about your feelings. I have a very loud voice and dampening hearing. Please tell me if I’m yelling.


Sarah Whitt



Phone 773-235-5420

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