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COVENANT | Worship in Lent

Worship at St. Luke’s in the season of Lent will focus on the theme of COVENANT: God’s good news for our bad situations. Each Sunday in Lent will bring us the story of a covenant that God makes in the Hebrew Scriptures, and each Sunday is also an opportunity to reflect on the covenant made with each of us in baptism…

Annual Report 2020

Our Annual Report for 2020 is here! Please take time to read and reflect with us on the amazing things that God has done among us in this past year. The Annual Report contains includes reflections, photos, celebrations, and numbers relevant to our congregation’s life, including the budget.

Update from Council on Staffing Proposal and Mission

Greetings on this week leading up to the 503rd anniversary of the Reformation. The church, then, now, and in the future, is called to moments of great account, of small mercy, of singing songs and growing in freedom. We are writing with a brief update from your Council in diaspora to you, the church.  We had excellent attendance and engagement with our Oct. 11th Town Hall, as well as follow up with the survey. Thank you to all those who attended and shared your thoughts, feelings, reflections, and questions with us…