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Around the same time that Pastor Erin and Claire were thinking about what edits needed to be made to the website when she was called as our pastor, Callie sent an awesome suggestion for our website to include some more information about accessibility. The conversation continued and we have some drafted language between Pastor Erin

The Street We Lived On: A Testimony

3/31/2019 by Brian K Thank you for listening to my testimony this morning.  This theme of “fasting from individualism and feasting on community” was a compelling one. When I think of “community” that word stirs memories of this specific time in my life –between 2007 and 2013 –to be exact when Em and I were

Our Creative Selves: Yoga @ St. Luke’s with Rachel Dahlgren

Lately, I have been thinking about humans as creative beings. Merriam-Webster defines creative as “marked by the ability or power to create.” Being creative is a way for us to express our experiences, enrich our lives, and enjoy something beautiful or unique. Creativity involves a certain amount of vulnerability. It is vulnerable to put yourself