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Women and Justice

The day I was asked to write this I stepped on my bus to head home after work and said, “Hello,” to the bus driver—just as I always do to every bus driver. “Hello, pretty lady,” he replied. For some, ELCA Social Teaching Documents appear to be little booklets that gather dust on a shelf,

a sermon for beholding and abiding

“If we take our full selves with us this evening to the proximity of the cross, we might ask how an unjust legal system and police forces continue to murder African-American males, including Stephon Clark? Or how xenophobia continues to sow distrust, anger, hate amongst God’s creation? Or how a sibling look can another sibling and say: you do not belong because of your sexuality.”

Occupy Palm Sunday 2018

On Palm Sunday, the church celebrates Jesus’s triumphal entry into Jerusalem, and Jesus’s journey toward the cross. We commit ourselves to pave the way for well-being in our neighborhood. We wave our palm branches and usher in mental health justice, paving the way with our faith and our commitment to act…